Dec 18, 2017

Latest Work

Life is busy, work is busy, there never seems to be much time to concentrate on the things that matter, family and your own time, is this just an excuse or is it plane and simply true, well it’s the world we live in, we give ourselves added pressure and surcome to it far to easily.

Some of the work I do on a day to day basis is mind boggling, those were the days when I was employed as a designer nowadays the job and the description is very differnet and very complex, whilst I won’t go into details on the why’s, where’s and how’s I will write a little about some of the interesting projects I’m engrossed in at the moment and some of the projects that have gone live in the past 12 months and what’s coming up on the horizon.

Coming up for 2018

An exciting new project for Cornwall Food, rebranding, and a new website to replace there ageing current one.

Shaping Our Future gathers pace and I will be launching a new version early in the new year, Likewise Scan4Safety is having a V2 re-launch

I still have plenty of development work to do on the Royal Cornwall website, but recently have completed some seriously big updates to the Cornwall theme, including WordPress multisite integration for our Internal Intranets, and some seriously exciting features.

I will be completing a DAM system early in the new year (around easter) so that we can push all our digital assets and information out to the wider community.

Latest design projects

Here’s a few creative projects I recently worked on:


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