Oct 06, 2017

Never stop exploring

Whilst finalising this website for go-live and adding all the content it occurred to me that I have actually been a pretty frequent traveller in the 43 years I have been on this earth. Most of my work actually comes from the digital age and whilst I never took that many images as a kid I have in fact visited far more countries than I had first thought.

The title of this post Never Stop Exploring can be thought about on a lot of levels, it doesn’t mean that you taking pictures in foreign lands is the only way to capture those amazing memories and scenic values with see as picture postcards all over the internet, far from it, in fact exploring your local area or just taking the camera with you when on a walk with your 4 legged friend (if you have one) can be just as rewarding. But for the purposes of this article I would like to focus on travelling abroad, where I have been, what I have seen and what is coming next for me as a creative and us as a family unit.

My passion in photography only really started in the later years on my schooling, having been put into a work experience role at a local photographers and learning the values of film, dark rooms, studio and on set shooting did it become apparent that this was something I really wanted to do. Shortly thereafter we moved from Somerset to Cornwall where upon my father gave me an old Olympus camera to experiment with. With my passion for snooker and golf growing by the minute I suppose it took my a while to really appreciate what I actually had there, and with film being very expensive still I didn’t take that many photos in and around the area we had moved to, why I didn’t looking back is beyond me because I was in the middle of mining country and there was, still is a plea thorough of subject matters right on the doorstep for budding enthusiastic creative types.

It was only when we went on holiday to Greece, well Agios Nikolaos, Crete (Ag. Nic to the locals) that I took the camera and starting taking photographs properly, unfortunately to this day I have no idea where those photos are as the film seems to have disappeared, shame, as I distinctly remember the scenery was majestic and the subject matters of wild goats, olive groves, a vulture in a cage and the characteristic Ag Nic along with the vivid crystal blue sea made for some fabulous pictures.

I had been to Crete before when I was very little, which I don’t remember much of so this really was my first experience of planes/flying and the warmth of another country. Greece back then as I remember was still quite rustic, and to this day even though life has moved on in the technological era it keeps it’s charm and old fashioned feeling. With it’s Tavernas, iconic landscapes, beautiful blue waters and of course all the history and ancient ruins everywhere. No matter where you go in Greece mainland or island it’s everywhere to be seen.

I had a good childhood as far as family and travelling was concerned, not many can say they have been to Greece twice, Portugal, The Algarve, and France (Brittany x 3 & Paris x1) on frequent occasions all before they were 16 years old, but I did, just a shame I didn’t capture those moments in film, but then I’m sure my parents did and it’s just a case of going through all there albums to find them.

A few years after moving to Cornwall myself and a good friend took ourselves off to Rhodes, yes Greece again for a small jolly, I actually do have some photos from this trip although not very good and quite frankly not worth adding to this website I had at least chalked up another trip abroad, so now I’m 18 years old and I have been out of my little country 8 times, not bad eh.

Quite a few years went by without going abroad I must say, moving out of home, starting life, relationships and jobs all got in the way! but I did finally have another trip away

  • France, French Alps – Paris (1981)
  • Greece, Crete, Amordara (1987)
  • Portugal/Algarve, Praia Rocha (1988)
  • Greece, Crete, Amordara (1990)
  • France, Brittany, Cherbourg (1985)
  • France, Brittany, Cherbourg (1986)
  • Greece, Rhodes, Town (1991)
  • USA, New York (1995)
  • Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Punta Cana (2002)
  • France, Vitre (2000)
  • France, Vitre (2002)
  • France, Vitre (2004)
  • USA, Las Vegas (2004)
  • Turkey, Icemeler (2005)
  • Portugal, Espinho (2006)
  • Turkey, Marmaris (2007)
  • Turkey, Marmaris (2008)
  • Jamaica, Negril (2008)
  • Finland, Ruka (2009)
  • Barbados, St Lawrence (2009)
  • France, Lorient (2010)
  • Jamaica, Ochos Rios (2011)
  • Turkey, Olu Deniz (2014)
  • Greece, KOS (2015)
  • Greece, Kefalonia (2016)
  • Cruise, Italy, Spain, France (2016)
  • Greece, Zante (2017)

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