Dec 19, 2017

Welcome to my world…

Today I launched my new website (this one), and it’s something I’m really excited about.

During the development phase, my main priority was to focus on the browsing experience. I wanted to cut down on clutter and focus on the essence – my vision and why I do what I do.


The purpose of the site is to showcase photographs and design work from my portfolio. I’ve used social media to automate the process, so every time I add something new to one of my channels, you’ll see it straight away on the design and adventure pages.

For me, it makes the browsing experience even more enjoyable, and I hope you feel the same.

Website features

I have also integrated some very interesting features into the design including;

Dynamically sizing images

They change size depending on the size of the device you’re viewing on and the physical screen width. So if you have a 1920px screen width, the images will appear much bigger.

Column views

Allows you to switch between 2 and 6 columns. You’ll see bigger images on the screen in 2 column mode, or smaller but more images in 6 column mode, depending on your viewing preference.

Album view

You can select specific albums. I’ve handcrafted these based on milestones which may be a sports event or a travel trip.

Contrast switching

Allows you to switch between the standard view (dark text on white background) and a high definition which is basically reversed (white text on dark background).

Advanced search

An overlay search bar which lets you search the site by tag, title or image description.

Thank you’s

It’s been a pleasure working with some wonderful people during this journey including Cristian Lionel (Developer) and Kirsty Hill (Copywriter). I can’t thank them enough for their guidance, time and help in creating what I think is a truly wonderful website. I never expected it to be so amazing and eye catching. It truly is different and I’m proud of that.

Keeping you up to date

I hope to keep you all up-to date in the coming months with exciting news of forthcoming projects, not to mention blog posts about my travels which I have always wanted to share.

I hope you enjoy your journey through these pages. Follow me on my social networks if you want to receive more updates from me in the future:


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